The Exhibition Circus


I know we have looked really slack not posting for two months but the reason was simple enough, we had to do the work for the exhibition Power to the People: Contemporary Conceptualism and the Object in Art . What an effort it has been, you wouldn’t think anything so simple could involve so much work and not just by us, an enormous amount was done for us by ACCA and the exhibition curator Hannah Mathews. The irony of this exhibition, with its title that references the radical activism of the 1970s, occurring at the same time as there is finally some growing public resistance to the pervasive corruption and decadence of the last few decades is an irony you could never have scripted.

The Yeomans Project installation at ACCA photo Andrew Curtis © ACCA

Of course the Yeomans  Project overall consists of this blog which will continue as we put in more of the mountain of research we have accumulated, the work in the Power To The People exhibition and the bus tour to Taranaki Farm on October 8. We’ll talk about the bus tour later but in the exhibition we have a recently manufactured Yeomans Plow, a vitrine of Yeomans publications, signage of Yeomans logos, six prints recently made at Big Fag Press  and the AGNSW Trustees minute book, kindly lent by AGNSW and showing a snippet of the exhibition’s history. Let’s talk about the prints first.

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