About Us

When we have to publicly describe ourselves  we say:

Lucas Ihlein is an artist who often works collaboratively with groups such as Big Fag Press, SquatSpace, Teaching and Learning Cinema and NUCA. His work takes the form of performances, cinema events, lithographic prints, writing, public lectures and blogs. In recent years Lucas has been working on a series of “blogging as art” projects. In 2009 he completed a practice based PhD thesis entitled “Framing Everyday Experience: Blogging as Art”.


Ian Milliss in his 45 years as an artist has been a formalist, a conceptualist, a green bans and anti-prison activist and  a founder of the Artworkers Union. He  has worked with Christo & Jeanne-Claude, the trade union movement, the Australia Council and its Art & Working Life Programme, in squatting, political campaigning and social marketing, publishing, independent film and video distribution, policy development, IT consultancy, corporate mentoring, art and heritage management, blogging, creative industry development and more. Although he occasionally exhibits he has always thought that galleries are just one small part of the range of tools available for the artist’s job of cultural innovation and adaptation.

We came together for this project because we have many shared interests and surprising parallels in our careers (if you can call them that) while the differences in our ages and personalities means we also have quite a few minor but significant differences of opinion as we are sure you will see.

You can contact us on info@yeomansproject.com