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The Permanence of things

Continuing my exploration of the little green book… Yeomans’ proposition (to grow forests as intrinsic elements in urban design) is followed by a long middle section which is essentially pedagogical. I’ve not read Yeomans’ other books yet, but I am presuming that a lot of his teaching material in The City Forest is synthesised from […]

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In the archives with Ian Milliss

Last Friday we descended into the bowels of the Art Gallery of NSW. Our mission? To dig up documents in an attempt to discover: a). if Ian really did propose an exhibition about Yeomans at AGNSW in the mid 1970s (ie, we’d like to know that he’s not hallucinating about all this history); b). that […]

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Heritage versus subdivision

We were hoping to go back to Nevellan this week to interview Bob Peel but he rang to say he didn’t want to talk because he didn’t run the property according to Yeomans’ original principles and so he didn’t really have anything to say. It was disappointing because we wanted to discuss in more detail […]

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Time Team

The late 1970s were a long time ago and it is sometimes a bit difficult to remember exactly what happened. My original proposal for an exhibition about PA Yeomans at the Art Gallery of NSW in 1976(?) seems so lost in the mists of time it’s hard to get much together about it. Maybe it’s […]

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Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?

as Gauguin put it in the title to his greatest painting.  Well,  I’ll try and give a quick summary of what we are doing here and what we hope to achieve. This blog is an exploration of the work of the Australian agriculturalist and engineer P. A. (Percy) Yeomans but that is just the starting […]

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