The Yeomans Real Estate Stoush

The above video documents a community meeting up near Richmond, in north-west Sydney, a couple of years ago. The meeting was held to try and halt development on the piece of farmland that Yeomans had designed and set up with his trademark series of interlinking dams.

Bob, the farmer we met yesterday, said that the development application which the locals were fighting in the video (a proposal to build an aged care facility) has by now been passed. However, it didn’t seem from our visit that any work had begun yet.

The video has some interviews with PA Yeomans’ son, Ken, who is a strong advocate for his fathers’ farming philosophies; and with Prof. Stuart Hill. It’d be great to be able to meet and chat with these fellows.

I like what Stuart Hill says:

[Yeomans’ method] is the only landscape system that builds landscape capital to the maximum amount.

Obviously, what we’re talking about here are two different systems of “landscape capital” – one which is about improving the quality of the soil, and the other involving subdividing and selling off the land as “real estate”…

From what Ken says in the video, the two systems could work together, if the subdivisions were sensitive to the water flows and storage on the land. But it’s hard to imagine that actually happening in Sydney…

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